Strategic Design Research Journal

Vol 9, No 3 (2016): Sept/Dec

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Carlo Franzato 137


Activating new strategies for the Lombardy Region and the Italian-Swiss border area: A cultural design approach PDF
Ilaria Guglielmetti, Raffaella Trocchianesi 138-144
Design Management competencies, process and strategy: A multidimensional approach to a Conceptual Model PDF
Fabiane Wolff, Fernando Gonçalves Amaral 145-154
Extreme and Adaptive Design (EAD) PDF
Maria Giovanna Trotta, Luis Adolfo Márquez Valdés 155-162
The sense of belonging: Emotional aspects in participatory design in relation to products and services for cities PDF
Malis Maria Liebl Keil, Virginia Borges Kistmann 163-171
Strategic design to foster City-Citizen Interactions PDF
Shalini Bisani, Youngok Choi 172-183

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