Strategic Design Research Journal

Vol 9, No 2 (2016): May/Aug

Table of Contents

Presentation PDF
Chiara Del Gaudio, Giacomo Poderi 51-53

Special Issue: Exploring Participatory Design as a Strategy to Act within the City

Building social capital through creative placemaking PDF
Nikita Prakash Kelkar, Gabriella Spinelli 54-66
#FOGWASTE: Participatory urbanism towards place-understanding PDF
Nina Claire Napawan, Brett Snyder 67-74
Bees, drones and other Things in public space: Strategizing in the city PDF
Sanna Marttila, Andrea Botero 75-88
Counter-hegemonic practices; dynamic interplay between agonism, commoning and strategic design PDF
Per-Anders Hillgren, Anna Seravalli, Mette Agger Eriksen 89-99
Democratic dialogues that make cities ‘work’ PDF
Liesbeth Huybrechts, Katrien Dreessen, Selina Schepers, Pablo Calderon Salazar 100-111
Wandering as a design strategy for infrastructuring PDF
Hanne Van Reusel 112-127
Policy constellations as ecosystems of design actions: Exploring three cases of social innovation policies in Italy PDF
Daniela Selloni, Ezio Manzini 128-136

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