Design as a positive stimulus in a Brazilian hospital environment


  • Ana von Frankenberg Berger Tecnopuc Crialab / PUCRS
  • Andrea Capra Tecnopuc Crialab / PUCRS
  • Aline de Rocco Tecnopuc Crialab / PUCRS
  • Manuela Oliveira Tecnopuc Crialab / PUCRS



The new coronavirus pandemic has put healthcare professionals, patients and family members under pressure and stress, causing mental health issues especially in the healthcare community. Studies show that a positive environment plays an important role in the well-being of individuals, impacting physical and psychological security of people. This article presents a project developed for the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, that through graphic interventions softened the effects of combating COVID-19 for the healthcare staff and patients throughout the pandemic. The project is detailed and the discussion presents the main points considered in the process of decision making. Results show how design can play an important role in helping, not only the Covid-2019 pandemic, but also in making hospitals more hospitable places.






Psychological, emotional and experiential aspects