Makers against Covid-19: Face shields as the international solidarity KPI


  • César García Sáez La Hora Maker
  • David Cuartielles Malmö University



At the first signs of the Covid-19 pandemic, the uncertainty around the global stock of medical supplies sparked a response in the DIY communities around the world. In the case of Spain, a community called Coronavirus Makers (CVM) emerged to supply ventilators and personal protection equipment (PPE) to hospitals and people in need. This paper explores the evolution of this community-driven development, detailing the patterns proposed by members of the group acting as design experts to tackle different problems. More specifically the paper uses face shields, the most produced PPE in Spain, as a boundary object to highlight the relationships amongst individuals, institutions, and companies. The objects of design, since they fall in the specific category of devices for medical use, have to overcome validation at the technical level. Authors will also explore some of the controversies surrounding the transfer of these products from horizontal innovation networks to traditional production companies.

Author Biography

César García Sáez, La Hora Maker

Independent researcher at La Hora MAker






Specific design responses to the on-going crisis