Vol 20, No 3 (2019)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF
Denis Coitinho 226-227


Philosophy and science: critique of Bergson’s use of Boltzmann’s argument against the reversibility of the universe PDF (Español)
Ronald Durán 228-237
Tyranny and justice: Plato on the abuse of Power, in the Republic PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Gabriel Trindade Santos 238-245
The role of Gricean determinacy and the strength condition in the relevance theory for interpreting implicatures PDF
Miquel Company 246-255
Natural kinds, normative kinds and human behavior PDF
Diana Ines Pérez, Lucia Gabriela Ciccia 256-267
Fictionalism and mathematical explanations PDF
Pamela Ann Jose Boongaling 268-277
The law, the common and the human condition in Hannah Arendt’s thought PDF (Português (Brasil))
Odilio Alves Aguiar 278-284
Reply to Wilson Mendonça’s “Supervenience arguments against robust moral realism” PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rafael Graebin Vogelmann 285-289

Book reviews

Philosophy in Brazil: legacies and perspectives PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cesar Candiotto, Jelson Oliveira 290-292
No language is an island: the history of humanity’s greatest invention PDF (Português (Brasil))
Viviane Zarembski Braga 293-297

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