Interiorism as a Means to Go Forward in Designing for the Adaptable City


  • Alison B. Snyder Pratt Institute



In the context of the city, we must—especially today—study the types of spaces cities present as public, free and open.  With a notion of interiorism, the goals are to explain how urban spaces act as interiors, and why it is important to expose the qualities and characters that compose and define them.  The pedagogy mixed with theory and reseach presented in this essay is intended for practitioners and students to gaine new awareness.  We worked through a series of local and global urban interior field work research scenarios, a multi-disciplinary reading list of urbanists, sociologists, designers, practitioners, journalists and other critics’ writings that culminated with Sketch Problem/Charrette exercise focusing on a global urban locale. These designs express an forward thinking positive attitude concerning the pandemic and the global spaces that are to be re-adapted.

Author Biography

Alison B. Snyder, Pratt Institute

Professor, Department of Interior Design






Reflections on the design responses to the need to reimagine spaces and places