The impact of COVID-19 on perceptions of home and house design in Saudi Arabia


  • Maryam AlKhateeb Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University
  • Helen Peterson Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University



This research explored the changes that may have occurred in attitudes of people in Saudi Arabia toward their dwellings due to the mandatory quarantine from COVID-19.  Two online surveys, one from before the lockdown and one after the lockdown assessed residents’ space requirements.  A follow up in-person survey asked about specific aspects of their homes and how their impression of home had changed during the lockdown.  It was found that based on their lockdown experiences, residents were moving away from traditional cultural activities such as hospitality and trending toward spaces that would function for family activities such as studying, work from home and entertainment.  Further research should examine if these trends remain after former outside pursuits resume.






Reflections on the design responses to the need to reimagine spaces and places