Hall of the Future: a Systemic Research Project for Public Interiors and Spaces using Co-Design Tools.


  • Luisa Collina Politecnico di Milano
  • Laura Galluzzo Politecnico di Milano
  • Claudia Mastrantoni Politecnico di Milano
  • Vanessa Monna Politecnico di Milano


Systems theory and its guidelines - systems thinking - have been promoted as the most relevant practice for raising social awareness about interconnected complex systems. Systemic Design intends to develop methodologies and approaches that help to integrate systems thinking with design towards sustainability at the environmental, social and economic levels. Based on the Hall of the Future requalification project, designed with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, this essay describes a Systemic Research project with a focus on the use of a Co-Design approach within the process. Moreover, it illustrates an established relationship between two different public institutions, highlighting how to share a fresh approach to designing new services aimed at the world of business, trade and tourism, and the consequent re-functionalization and enhancement of its given spaces.

Author Biographies

Luisa Collina, Politecnico di Milano

Full Professor, Design Department

Laura Galluzzo, Politecnico di Milano

Assistant Professor, Design Department

Claudia Mastrantoni, Politecnico di Milano

PhD Candidate, Design Department

Vanessa Monna, Politecnico di Milano

PhD Candidate, Design Department






Relating Systems Thinking and Design: Systemic Design and co-creation processes for territorial enhancement