Using Heuristics in the Creative Process of Product+Service System (PSS): Example of a case study using Blueprint Matrix


  • Emanuela Lima Silveira Federal University of Parana
  • Aguinaldo dos Santos Federal University of Parana


The creative process of Sustainable Product + Service Systems (PSSs) that involve a variety of social, economic and environmental elements is a very complex process that can be characterized as a wicked problem. The following study highlights that, currently, the tools used in PSS assist in the system design process but often explore the design process intuitively based on the designer’s experience. When dealing with complex problems it is important to use a more structured design approach, which involves multidisciplinary teams to explore systematic design techniques. In this sense, a method recognized to assist in the process of creating complex systems is the heuristic. The use of heuristics is considered a cognitive strategy that not only accelerates the creative process, but also generates solutions, regardless of spontaneous creativity. In this article, an analysis of the creative potential of heuristics was carried out with the blueprint tool. The research method used included an unsystematic theoretical survey, followed by an exploratory case study. Therefore, it is intended to contribute to the detection of emphases and gaps in the literature and demonstrate through practical application, the interaction of designers with heuristic principles in the creation process of PSSs.






Relating Systems Thinking and Design: Systemic Design and co-creation processes for territorial enhancement