Editorial: Relating Systems Thinking and Design. Systemic Design and Co-creation processes for Territorial Enhancement


  • Silvia Barbero Politecnico di Torino
  • Amina Pereno


The world we live in is hectic and multifaceted, characterised by continuous changes that are more frequent, radical and dramatic than ever before. Their dimension rapidly shifts from local to global and vice-versa, due to the increasingly interconnected nature of relations, affecting society at many different levels. This results in a rising complexity that requires new creative solutions with a high degree of adaptability to be properly addressed. It is in this scenario that systemic design disciplines can effectively integrate systems thinking and its methods with design to address this multi-stakeholder complexity, by creating new resilient systems moving towards sustainability at environmental, social and economic levels. Systemic design adapts from known design competencies to frame, understand, explore, propose and design complex services and systems, acting in the context of the indeterminacy of wicked problems.