Territory (ies) and multicultural identities. The agoras as spaces of identity in the communities of the Cauca corridor.


  • Sebero Emilio Ugarte Calleja Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali, Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño: Cali, Colombia
  • Eduardo Jose Castro Institución Universitaria Colegio Mayor del Cauca
  • Julián Grijalba


The Cauca corridor, comprised between Santander de Quilichao and Piendamó populations, is one of the many territorial realities that enrich both cultural and ethnographic diversity of Colombia. Many “new” dynamics are occurred in this region about this diversity, and the project that we present is focused on – from the creation-researching- and by means of a direct interpretation that territorial diversity. Based on the photography and the sound landscape, we pretend to show a possible idea of cultural territory (ies), and it is surrounding the exhibiting sketch that this idea of “habitat” has been forming. The difficulties that the project tackles put the focal point to demonstrate that “other” visions are possible thanks to the reflective spaces suggested by visual design and art; and especially define the problem around the new identitarian narratives arose from post-conflict. Supported by qualitative methodology, ethnographically, the project goes deep into the exploration of the multicultural territoriality. First, developing inspection dynamics and documentation of visual and sound perspectives around the socio-cultural speech and then, implementing from visual fields (photographic image) and sound (soundscapes) a contest understanding, of actors and/ or “places”. We wanted to show a territory self-constructed as a defined cultural imaginary.






Special Issue - 7th International Forum of Design as a Process