Product Design and Innovation: Manufacturing SMEs in Santiago de Chile


  • Ruben Mendez Universidad Autónoma de Chile, Chile, and Universidad Tecnológica del Perú, Perú
  • Amparo Meythaler Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Arts, Ecuador



This descriptive review paper has been developed from an interdisciplinary approach. It focuses on the essence of the contribution and impact of design in permanent collaboration with economic science, both in its theoretical conception and application in the company. The authors whose works were revised for this paper, declare design as a project activity from areas such as entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, which are essential for the change of the productive matrix, taking Chile as a study reference. It is concluded that design is a projective discipline that manages creative processes within the company in order to introduce concepts of innovation that directly affect the product, and from there to develop strategic content in SMEs that facilitate the work of the entrepreneur in guiding added-value processes that generate opportunities for expansion and growth in the market.

Author Biography

Ruben Mendez, Universidad Autónoma de Chile, Chile, and Universidad Tecnológica del Perú, Perú

I work as full professor of law at Universidad Autonoma de Chile, Chile and visiting professor at Universidad Tecnológica del Perú, Perú. Visiting professor at Universidad Externado de Colombia, Colombia. International Law & Economics expert and ALACDE (deputy) president 2021-2023. I hold a bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science and Lawyer (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos). Master in Applied Economics (UNED). Master in Institutional Framework and Economic Growth. Master in Economics and CCSS (Rey Juan Carlos University of Spain). Master in Economic Analysis of Law and Public Policy (University of Salamanca), Ph.D in Economics (Macquarie University and Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Ph.D in Social Sciences (Rey Juan Carlos University of Spain). Ph.D (c) in Law ( University of Salamanca). Postdoctoral studies from Colegio de America (Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar - Sede Ecuador).  My areas of interest are related to Law & Economics Theory, Economic Regulation, Social Regulation, Institutional Quality, Public Policies and Economic Development, Legal Design Thinking, Legaltch, Management and Law, Law and Media, Law and Journalism.