Study of turbulence generated by OGT observed by PIV


  • Amanara Dias Vieira Universidade de São Paulo
  • Woodrow Lopes Roma Universidade de São Paulo



Turbulence is considered a chaotic motion regime of the fluid. Despite the chaotic behavior of this regime, the researchers use numerical studies in an attempt to find a deterministic view of the phenomenon. In this work, an oscillating grid tank was used to generate turbulence and PIV technique was used to observe and quantify the generated turbulence. The PIV method showed to be suitable for observation of a flow velocity field with limitations on the peripheral region of the target area. The results showed that the generated flow in the tank approached homogeneous conditions, but isotropy cannot be affirmed.

Keywords: homogeneity, isotropy, PIV, turbulence.

Author Biography

Amanara Dias Vieira, Universidade de São Paulo

Amanara Potykytã de Sousa Dias Vieira

Mestre em Hídráulica e Saneamento- EESC/USP

Doutoranda em Hidráulica e Saneamento- EESC/USP