Vol 10, No 2 (2017)


Table of Contents

Special Issue: Strategic Design Research Journal Tenth Volume PDF
Carlo Franzato, Filipe Campelo 89-90

Special Issue: Strategic Design Research Journal Volume 10

From strategic planning to the designing of strategies: A change in favor of strategic design PDF
Karine de Mello Freire 91-96
Advanced design-driven approaches for an Industry 4.0 framework: The human-centred dimension of the digital industrial revolution PDF
Flaviano Celaschi 97-104
An approximation to the design process as a dynamic capability in manufacturing small and medium enterprises: A multiple case study PDF
Juan Carlos Marquez Cañizares, Gerardo Haces Atondo 105-116
Design ecosystems and innovation policy in Europe PDF
Anna Whicher 117-125
Understanding the dynamics of attitudes within a design and business focused collaboration PDF
John James Gribbin, Robert Young, Mersha Aftab 126-133
The relationship between Strategic Design and Metadesign as defined by the levels of knowledge of design PDF
Ione Maria Ghislene Bentz, Carlo Franzato 134-143
Design and Politics: Metadesign for social change PDF
Caio Adorno Vassão 144-155
Depicting concurrency between the participatory and the strategic design practice within the urban context PDF
Chiara Del Gaudio 156-163
Applying strategic design as a holistic approach to investigate and address real world challenges PDF
Busayawan Lam 164-171
Collaborating with local administrative offices to improve neighborhoods: A case study of the Design Consultant program PDF
Eun Ji Cho 172-177
Complementary currency design as resilient service systems: Transforming limits into strategic innovation opportunities PDF
Ida Telalbasic 178-186
Designing coalitions: Design for social forms in a fluid world PDF
Ezio Manzini 187-193

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