Vol 8, No 3 (2015)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabio Parode, Ione Bentz 104

Dossiê: Moda como expressão de cultura

The (non) adoption of fashion trends by the brand Tommy Hilfiger: Study of the autumn/winter 2013/2014 collection PDF (Português (Brasil))
Amanda Queiroz Campos, Sarah Schmitthausen Schmiegelow 105-115
Innovation in fashion design: Articulating anthropometry, ergonomics and usability for comfort in the use of jeans PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernanda Caumo Theisen, Heloisa Tavares de Moura, Luis Fernando Folle 116-126
Fashion paradoxes: Cutting edge aesthetic and the crash of the male gender norms PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniel Keller, Denise Castilhos de Araújo 127-138
Rolezeiros e funk ostentação: Urban tribes of social and cultural movement and its interference in the formation of aesthetics from current fashion PDF (Português (Brasil))
Priscilla Boff Ferronato, Anerose Perini 139-144
Panorama of articles published in the fashion journal Dobras: Research opportunities PDF (Português (Brasil))
Bibiana Silveira Horn, Vinicius Gadis Ribeiro, Wilson P. Gavião Neto 145-153
Becoming and fashion as expression of subjectivities and identities PDF (Português (Brasil))
Paula Cristina Visoná, Paula Coruja 154-159

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