Perception of naturalness in materials and user’s choice: hardwood and melamine foil finished products

Andréa Franco Pereira, Frederico Mendes Teixeira


In this study we have sought to identify the existing relationship between materials perception of naturalness, and interviewee’s preferences between hardwood and low-pressure melamine foil MDF products. Prototypes of the same product were built in five different materials: ceramics, hardwood, polyethylene, wood-like décor melamine foil MDF, and aluminum. At first, 30 interviewees from ages 20-60, ranked samples of materials according to a) perceived degree of naturalness and b) preference (hedonic scale). After that, they identified the use of the product (prototype) and chose one, under the criteria of material adequacy. The results have shown that wood and its imitations are the materials perceived as most natural, and preferred by the interviewees. However, naturalness is not necessarily the deciding factor upon choosing a product.

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