Classification of competencies in design management: Individual, collective and organizational levels

Cláudia de Souza Libânio, Fernando Gonçalves Amaral, Sérgio Almeida Migowski


Design management, both in the academic and the corporate world, is being perceived as a strategic element for organizations. However, the role of professional designers and their competencies in design management are little explored. Thus, the goal of this text was to emphasize how competencies are related and joined in the design management sphere, identifying possible interrelationships. A systematic literature review of applied and exploratory nature was made, mapping the state of the art about competencies in design management. Virtual databases were used for seeking work, based on the keywords “design management” and “competence”. Through this study, we identified the current state of the art of the topic, as well as the understanding of design management related to individual, collective, and organizational competencies. Emerging concepts related to design management and competencies, such as learning, capabilities, resources, knowledge, value, interactions, communication, collaboration, market context, organizational culture, organizational structure, work processes, and stakeholders involved.

Keywords: design, competencies, design management, intervenient factors.

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