Strategic management process design and the systemic thought: The emergency of new design management methodologies


  • Douglas Onzi Pastori
  • Fábio Merker
  • Joeline Maciel Lopes
  • Juliano Sezera
  • Misael Paulo Montaña
  • Paula Cristina Visoná
  • Tiago Balem


It is possible to attain the systemic paradigm reasoning from a historical context of increasing complexification and limitations of the analytic thought in Modern Science, by understanding non-linear processing phenomena, which are not reducible to a few variables of atomized parts. This systemic reasoning paradigm can be achieved so as to facilitate reflective thinking about design today, with its multiple marketing interactions, its strategic functions within organizations, as well as with the need for processes and management directed by design and for design. Through a short overview of the methodologies based on the analytical epistemology, the present article attempts to draw some basic guiding lines for the development of a systemic methodology for strategic design.

Key words: strategic design, design management, methodology, systemic reasoning.