Vol 1, No 1 (2006)


Table of Contents


Presentation PDF
Leonardo Maltchik 3-4


Diet of four small mammal species from Atlantic forest patches in South Brazil PDF
Janaina Casella, Nilton Carlos Cáceres 5-11
Relationship between liver weight, body size and reproductive activity in Atlantoraja cyclophora (Elasmobranchii: Rajidae: Arhynchobatinae) in oceanic waters off Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil PDF
Maria Cristina Oddone, Gonzalo Velasco 12-16
Inventory of benthic macroinvertebrates diversity in the Peti Environmental Station Reservoir of Minas Gerais, Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Filipe Leão Morgan da Costa, Augusto Oliveira, Marcos Callisto 17-23
Identification keys for families of water beetles occurring in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cesar João Benetti, Gelson Luiz Fiorentin, Juan Antonio Régil Cueto, Ulisses Gaspar Neiss 24-28
Do floods of brief duration affect the aquatic macroinvertebrate community in a floodplain oxbow lake in the South of Brazil? PDF
Raquel Reis Teixeira, Leonardo Maltchik, Cristina Stenert 29-34
Toxicology effects of δ-endotoxins and β-exotoxins of Bacillus thuringiensis in Wistar rats PDF
Diouneia Lisiane Berlitz, Márcia Giovenardi, Lidia Mariana Fiuza 35-38
Examination, and redescription, of the holotype of Elapomorphus coronatus Sauvage 1877, with a Gymnophiona in the stomach (Serpentes, Colubridae, Elapomorphine) PDF (Português (Brasil))
Thales de Lema 39-41
Ecological aspects and abundance of kingfishers in the Sinos River, São Leopoldo, RS PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luciane Baretta, Maria Virginia Petry, Martin Sander 42-47

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