An Analysis Of The Assurance Of Learning System Promoted By The Aacsb American Accreditation Agency For Business And Management Courses

Mário Cesar Barreto Moraes, Guilherme Felipe Kalnin, Márcio Alexandre Karsten


This paper seeks to analyze the Assurance of Learning (AoL) system promoted as a requirement for the accreditation process of the American Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which validates the quality of management and accounting courses at international level. The AoL system seeks to inquire students learning and experiences, based on the institutional mission, learning objectives and strategies established by the course stakeholders. Taking into account the current importance of learning and student experience on higher education, instituithis research seeks to describe the main characteristics and operationalization of the AoL by means of a qualitative documental and bibliographic methodology based on scientific articles of the area between 2007-2016 and on documents produced by the AACSB agency. As a result, a detailed description of AoL and its stages of operationalization reveals a systemic and active view of students learning, while it provides a double-loop organizational learning process for course management.

Keywords: accreditation, American accreditation system, AACSB, assurance of learning.

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