Diversity of flower visitants and potential pollinators of Solanum lycopersicum (Linnaeus) (Solanales: Solanaceae) in organic and conventional crops


  • Aline Borba dos Santos Universidade de São Paulo
  • Fábio Santos do Nascimento Universidade de São Paulo




Studies on the impacts of agricultural activities are important for the conservation of insect. Little is known about these impacts in the state of Sergipe. The objective was tosurvey the insect visitors in organic and conventional tomato crops pollinators identifying and verifying possible differences between these forms of cultivation. The species collected were identified and classified. We found six orders, with emphasis on Hymenoptera, the order of pollinating the flowers of tomato. The number of individuals was 76% higher in organic fields, which shows that the products used in conventional crops arelikely to affect the diversity of insect.

Key words: pollinators, buzz pollination, agroecosystems