Call for Papers - Intersectionality and Digital Platforms Special Issue




Guest Editors:

Eloy Vieira (UNISINOS)

Fernanda Carrera (UFRJ)

Leila Sousa (UFMA)

Pablo Moreno Fernandes (UFMG)


In recent years, the intersectional perspective has been highlighted in research focused on acknowledge how discrimination articulates by different structures of oppression. The perspective is widely disseminated by the ideas of American black jurist and feminist, Kimberlé Crenshaw, who systematized the concept of “intersectionality” in 1989 in the United States. In Brazil, and a few years earlier but still in the 1980s, Lélia Gonzalez already denounced the effects of the double oppression of sexism and racism over black women. Beyond universities, the concept has been appropriated by social movements. It also circulates in discourses on digital platforms that try to draw attention to the way these oppressions cross and structure the everyday practices of many people. Thus, this configures huge gaps in spaces of power and construction of knowledge. The debate on intersectionality and its effects in everyday lives finds fertile ground in digital platforms for the inclusion of diverse experiences and concrete experiences in view of the particularity of each person.


We announce a call for a special issue of Fronteiras Journal, a Brazil-based open access journal, on intersectionality and digital platforms. The special issue encourages submissions that explore one or more of the following issues:


  1. Intersectionality, citizenship and social media
  2. Feminisms and intersectionality in digital platforms
  3. Intersectionality beyond race and gender
  4. Intersectionality and decoloniality on social media
  5. Masculinities and intersectionality
  6. Tactics, strategies, invisibilities and surveillance
  7. Migrations, diasporas and other displacements
  8. Digital infrastructures and intersectionality
  9. Political articulation, intersectionality and digital platforms
  10. Intersectional resistance and confrontations on digital platforms
  11. Platformization and affordances in the struggles against oppressions
  12. Intersectionality and Globalization
  13. Intersectionality and performances
  14. Intersectionality and consumption on digital platforms
  15. Privacy and data protection around intersectionality
  16. Algorithms, AI and the platformization of oppression
  17.  Methodologies and Intersectionality in practice
  18. Intersectional limitations and utopias


July 09, 2021   Closing date for submission of  500-word abstract -


July 30, 2021 - Invitations to submit full-length papers 


September 24, 2021 -  Deadline for submitting full-length papers (5,000-8,000 words)


December, 2021 -  Publication of special issue