Laminated polyester composite plates, jute fabric and wood residues


  • Reuel Rocha dos Santos Instituto Federal do Pará Campus Abaetetuba – IFPA
  • Maurício Maia Ribeiro Instituto Federal do Pará Campus Ananindeua – IFPA
  • Roberto Tetsuo Fujiyama Universidade Federal do Pará – UFPA
  • César T. N. M. Branco Universidade Federal do Pará – UFPA



In this work were developed and characterized composite materials of unsaturated polyester matrix, in the presence of wood residue (maracatiara, marupá and angelim stone) and natural fiber (jute) in the form of flat tissue. The manufacturing processes used in this work were manual lamination and cold compression. Specimen of composite materials with polyester/wood residues and hybrid composites of polyester/jute fabric/wood residues were manufactured. The mechanical behaviour of traction composites was evaluated according to ASTM procedures and micrographs at MEV of the fracture surface. The manufacturing methodology used proved to be satisfactory mainly due to the properties of the matrix and for the load in the form of splinters (shavings).

Keywords: Composite materials; Polyester matrix; Jute fabric; Wood residue.