Determination of the war page of injected plastics part in a mold with difference of temperature between the plates


  • Ricardo Pedro Bom
  • Vinícius Severo Leães


The aim of this study is to determine the warpage in injection molded parts with amorphous structure and to compare the experimental results with simulation results. A numerical simulation using commercial software (moldflow) to obtain a warped part through temperature difference between injection mold plates were done. The coupons were obtained through injection molding, manipulating the temperature difference between mold plates through cooling system temperatures. It was observed that the temperatures difference between plates is a major factor regarding warpage, while as great is the temperature difference, greater is the warpage. It was observed that the part warps towards the hottest plate and there is a systematic difference between experimental results and simulation results, as seen in the literature.

Key words: injection molding, warpage, residual stress.