The effect of osmotic dehydration as a preliminary treatment of pineapple drying


  • Alex Augusto Gonçalves
  • Aline Roberta Blume


The osmotic dehydration of the pineapple, followed by drying process, was carried with different concentrations of sucrose solution (15, 30 and 40 °Brix). The moisture values and water activity in different drying times were measured. It was verified that the best behavior during the pineapple drying was the one treated with osmotic solution of 45°Brix. It was observed that the desired water activity (aW<0.75) was reached more quickly in osmotically pre-treated product and, the moisture residual was lesser in these samples. The browning was lesser in treated pineapple than in natura one. The pineapples without preliminary treatment acquired a fibrous texture and more acid flavour, when compared with the preliminary osmotic treatment of 45°Brix. It was evidenced absence of microorganism’s development during the process. The sensorial analysis for evaluation of acceptability and preference between treated and nontreated products showed that the treated pineapple had acceptance and greater purchase preference.

Key words: pineapple, osmotic dehydration, drying.