Evaluation and comparison of works of social housing aided by computational tool


  • Amauri Gomes de Moraes
  • Adalberto Pandolfo
  • José W. Jiménez Rojas
  • Marcele Salles
  • Luciana Pandolfo
  • Jalusa Guimarães
  • Renata Reinehr


This work is related to the assessment and comparison of housing projects with social interest, identifying relevant items to users connected to the building, accessibility, and the proximity to urban equipments. The survey was conducted, initially with the identification of housing projects assigned by the Secretary of Housing of the city of Passo Fundo-RS, Brazil. Among the main conclusions, it can be pointed out the possibility of applying the model of evaluation and comparison of projects for the users of habitations of social interest. It also can be concluded that the attainment of favorable results via reanalysis of the projects and the fast verification of the results by using the computational tool is reached.

Key words: evaluation of projects, social housing, computational tool.