Brazilian scientific production in marketing of services: analysis of the EnANPAD and EMA events, 2003-2006


  • Emerson Mainardes
  • Amélia Silveira
  • Giancarlo Gomes
  • Marcelo Deschamps


The objective of this research project was to study the scientific production published in the proceedings of the National Association of Research and Graduate Studies in Administration (EnANPAD) and of the Marketing Meeting (EMA) from 2003 to 2006. The method adopted was qualitative, the research initially documental and exploratory, but later quantitative and descriptive. Out of the 464 articles from the two events that were analyzed, 168 discussed the marketing of services. This literature was basically generated in Brazilian universities. The two most productive authors come from The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), each one with eight papers published. The research methods adopted in the analyzed articles confirm the international trend of giving preference to research that uses the quantitative method, has a descriptive and cross-sectional character, a structured questionnaire and closed questions. There were few conceptual papers, differently from what is found in the international literature. The most cited authors in these articles are similar to those cited in the international literature. The topics discussed are those considered to be more traditional. New approaches on these topics are not yet present with the same emphasis in national research. The period analyzed by the authors shows a major growth in the marketing of services.

Key words: services marketing, Brazilian scientific production, EnANPAD, EMA.

Author Biographies

Emerson Mainardes

Amélia Silveira

Giancarlo Gomes

Marcelo Deschamps