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Ana Maria Leal-Zanchet


Vol 13, No 4 (2018): October/December

yana ponsel

Table of Contents


Temporal trends of scientific literature about zooplankton community PDF
Carla Albuquerque Souza, Leonardo Fernandes Gomes, João Carlos Nabout, Luiz Felipe Machado Velho, Ludgero Cardoso Galli Vieira 274-286
Determination of the effects of two feed supplements on Drosophila melanogaster PDF
Sibele Marques Bolson, Rodrigo Paidano Alves, Filipe de Carvalho Victoria, Kaenara Gomes Munhoz, Jeferson Luis Franco, Antonoio Batista Pereira, Margéli Pereira de Albuquerque 287-294
Population structure and effects by the invasive exotic indian-almond over autochthonous vegetation from a sandbank PDF
João Paulo Bispo Santos, Juliano Ricardo Fabricante 295-302
Seasonal variation in the composition of ground-dwelling anuran (Amphibia) assemblages in southern Brazil PDF
André Luís Luza, Fernanda Anziliero Gonçalves, Noeli Zanella 303-312
Diet and morphological aspects of a population of Pseudopaludicola pocoto (Anura: Leptodactylidae) from Northeast Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Charles de Sousa Silva, José Guilherme Gonçalves Sousa, Yanne Feitosa Lima, Robson Waldemar Ávila, Drausio Honorio Morais 313-320

Review Article

Dendrochronology and climate in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Which species, where and how PDF
Cláudia Fontana, Gabriela Reis-Avila, Cristina Nabais, Paulo Cesar Botosso, Juliano Morales Oliveira 321-333


100 articles every ecologist can actually read? PDF
Luis Orlando, Carla Rivera-Rebella, Verónica Pinelli, Ramiro Pereira-Garbero, Daniel Hernandez, Esteban Ortiz, Lucía Ziegler 334-336

Short Communication

What constitutes the menu of Trachops cirrhosus (Chiroptera)? A review of the species’ diet PDF
Edson Silva Barbosa Leal, Leonardo da Silva Chaves, João Gomes do Prado Neto, Paulo Barros de Passos Filho, Daniel de Figueiredo Ramalho, Deoclécio de Queiróz Guerra Filho, Rachel Maria de Lyra-Neves, Wallace Rodrigues Telino-Júnior, Geraldo Jorge Barbosa de Moura 337-346
Cases of induced alloparental care in Seba’s short-tailed fruit bat PDF
Dennis Castillo-Figueroa, Erin E. Stukenholtz, Richard D. Stevens, Jairo Pérez-Torres 347-349
Is the presence of eggs a relevant cue for predators of freshwater chelonian nests? PDF
Giselle Xavier Perazzo, Daiana Kaster Garcez, Claudio Rossano Trindade Trindade, Karine Massia Pereira, Alexandro Marques Tozetti 350-355
Biological invasion by Thespesia populnea in sites under fluviomarine influence PDF
João Paulo Bispo Santos, Juliano Ricardo Fabricante 356-360

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