Use of artificial perches by birds in ecological restoration areas of the Cerrado and Atlantic Forest biomes in Brazil

Huilquer Francisco Vogel, Victoria Elizabeth Anne McCarron, Jairo José Zocche


Artificial perches are widely used in ecological restoration projects; however, the results of these works are yet to be summarized in a review. The goal of the present study was to describe the taxonomic structure of birds that utilized artificial perches, as well as determine the species of birds that most frequently utilized the perches in restoration areas of the Cerrado and Atlantic Forest biomes. We used secondary data obtained from a systematic review of literature available on digital sources. A total of 17 studies were obtained for the two biomes, 15 of which were analyzed. From these studies, 126 bird species were recorded, averaging 19.26 ± 8.30 SD species per study. Five species were categorized as frequent users of artificial perches (Pitangus sulphuratus, Tyrannus melancholicus, Mimus saturninus, Columbina talpacoti, and Tyrannus savana). These birds are predominantly generalist species, which disperse seed under the perches and this feeding habit of this group has implications for the restoration process. The large number of species that utilize artificial perches highlights the importance of these structures in supporting bird diversity, in addition to the promotion of bird ecosystem services.

Keywords: nucleation, birdlife, ecosystem services, agroecosystems.

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