New occurrence of a non-native ornamental cichlid in the Paranapanema River, southern Brazil

Diego Azevedo Zoccal Garcia, Armando César Rodrigues Casimiro, Alexandro Derly Augusto Costa, Marcelo Hideki Shigaki Yabu, Gean Lucas Alves Leme, Mário Luís Orsi


Fish introductions are common practices due to intentionally or unintentionally translocations of species between watersheds. Herein we report the spread of the non-native cichlid Laetacara araguaiae Ottoni & Costa 2009 in the Paranapanema River basin, southern Brazil. Native from the Araguaia River (Central Brazil), this species was probably introduced by releases made by aquarists. Its new area of occurrence is characterized as natural nursery and important for the life cycle of native fish. Due to its biological characteristics, the species has the ability to cause a negative impact on the aquatic biota through possible interactions, such as predation of eggs, larvae and juveniles of native fish, and spread of parasites.

Keywords: biological invasion, Cichlinae, fish, exotic species, Upper Paraná River basin.

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