Challenges to the maintenance of ecosystem services in a municipal park in southern Brazil

Michele de Sá Dechoum, Lucrecia Arellano


The Lagoa do Peri Municipal Park was created in 1981 to protect the Lagoa do Peri Watershed, which contributes to the supply of water in Florianopolis, Brazil. We analyzed historical aspects of human occupation in the region and identified services provided by the Park, as well as direct and indirect drivers of production and maintenance of ecosystem services. Our results evidenced the social and environmental relevance of the Park to the local community, especially with regard to support and cultural ecosystem services. However, preterit and current driving forces, most of them of anthropogenic origin must be addressed, especially those associated with irregular land use in the vicinity and within the protected area. In addition, biomass increase of potentially toxic cyanobacteria, which has accelerated in recent years due to the reduction of the water volume of the lagoon, is of special concern. These drivers must be addressed through the involvement of different actors in a board with good representation in favor of maintaining the functioning of ecosystems protected by the park, generating beneficial ecosystem services to all.

Keywords: water supply, phytoplankton, drivers of change, environmental management, responses, protected area.

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