Native species seedling growth in the ecological restoration of riparian forest

Pedro Augusto Fonseca Lima, Alcides Gatto, Lidiamar Barbosa de Albuquerque, Juaci Vitoria Malaquias, Fabiana de Gois Aquino


This study evaluates the process of ecological restoration by monitoring the height of seedlings of native species in the Cerrado and the factors that affect their growth in riparian forest restoration. The growth pattern of the species were calculated with the average heights, generating linear regression models tested with ANOVA and compared by the likelihood test. The average of the frequencies of leaf herbivory, stem herbivory and absence of sheets (predation, dehydration and malnutrition) was analyzed by cluster analysis (Ward method) as possible factors that influence the growth. The average growth of 13 species was 50.39 cm.year-1, ranging from 15.5 cm.year-1 to 100.1 cm.year-1. Of the thirteen species, eight had growth above 40 cm.year-1, with potential to recover degraded areas. Five species showed significant differences in the linear equations of growth: Calophyllum brasiliense, Croton urucurana, Inga laurina, Myrsine guianensis and Tibouchina stenocarpa. Possible interactions with growth factors (leaf herbivory, stem herbivory and no leaves) resulted in the formation of two groups of species. Among the factors evaluated, overall, the species of both groups had higher leaf herbivory. The leaf herbivores and the absence of leaves affected the two groups differently, which may indicate susceptibility of different species from herbivores. The evaluation of the factors that interfere with growth after planting seedlings can help in adaptive management of areas in restoration process.

Keywords: leaf herbivory, stem herbivory, height, recovery of degraded land, gallery forest.

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