Non-native bird species in Brazil

Priscila M. Fontoura, Ellye Dyer, Tim M. Blackburn, Mário L. Orsi


Many non-native species of birds have been introduced beyond the limits of their natural geographic ranges, where they may subsequently establish viable populations and perhaps become invasive. Much attention in the literature has been devoted to the study of bird introductions, but relatively little of that attention has been focused on introductions to the continental tropics. Here, we compile published data on records of non-native bird species introduced to the wild in Brazil, with the aim of organizing and standardizing available information to facilitate future studies in this context. A total of 59 bird species were classified as introduced in Brazil, with one further species believed to be a recent natural colonist. Published information implies that 14 species have established or probably established non-native populations in Brazil, while a further 10 species have possibly established non-native populations. In this context, we map the non-native distributions of non-native species of birds in Brazil. Additional research is needed to confirm the status of these species, as well as to establish practical measures to combat and control introductions.

Key words: alien birds, biological invasions, exotic species.

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