Medium-large sized mammals of an agricultural area in Terezópolis (Goiás State) with sampling methods notes

Paulo Ribeiro, Fabiano Rodrigues de Melo


Cerrado has a wide variety of habitats and ecosystems, and one of the major challenges for conservation is demonstrating the importance biodiversity plays in the functioning of these ecosystems. Brazil is considered one of the most biodiverse countries for mammals, and hosts 701 species. The aims of this study were to record which medium and large mammalian species occur in the Agroecological Unit Santa Branca Farm and to make a comparison of the effectiveness of three sampling methods. The three methods of data collection used in this paper were: sightings day and night (Vi), 20 sand plots (Pg) armed with different types of baits and camera traps (Ar). In nine months of data collection we recorded 16 species, representing eight families and 11 orders. The richness estimate calculated by Jackknife 1 order resulted in 19.56 ± 4.47 species. The Morisita-Horn’ similarity index indicated that the methods have low similarity to each other (Ar and Vi: 18%; Vi and Pg: 13%, Ar and Pg: 40%). An analysis of variance yielded no significant difference (F (2,16) = 0.20804, p = 0.81434) between the mean measured by each method. Considering the area’s use for agriculture and tourism, Santa Branca Ranch demonstrated a rich fauna of medium to large-sized mammalians. Therefore, it is important to take measures to mitigate human/wildlife conflicts, in order to maintain agricultural production and protect the local fauna.

Key words: camera traps, sightings, sand plots, Brazilian savanna, mammals.

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