Notes on convergence and divergence feed of canids and felids (Mammalia: Carnivora) sympatric in the Brazilian Cerrado

Roberto Guilherme Trovati, Cláudia Bueno de Campos, Bernardo Alves de Brito


Feed convergence and divergence of some sympatric canids and felids in Tocantins, Brazil were analyzed. Thirty-six fecal samples were collected. The results showed that 37.3% of the canids’ diet was made up of fruit and fibers (grasses e peel fruits) and 44% of the felids’ diet was made up of mammals. There were differences in the measurement and in the overlap of trophic niche, indicating canids as generalists and felids as specialists. Feeding of Phantera onca was more divergent and feeding of Puma yagouaroundi converged with the canids. Thus, the data collected shows that small felids have a similar diet to canids and only large and medium felids present divergence, but further studies are needed to better elucidate the degree of sympatric of these animals.

Key words: carnivores, cerrado (savanna), community, diet, sympatric.

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