Note on displacement and home range of Anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla) translocated in the Brazilian Cerrado

Roberto Guilherme Trovati, Bernardo Alves de Brito


This paper reports a study of two anteater (Tt1 and Tt2) female adults, which were translocated and monitored by radio-tracking in the Brazilian Cerrado biome. The displacement of both animals was approximately 6 km in six days; and they both were established in open savanna physiognomies. Tt1 came to death 21 days after its release, and it was not possible to determine its home range. Tt2, on the other hand, survived for four months and established a home range of 1.06 km² (MCP 95%). There is a need for further studies to assess the feasibility of translocation and, therefore, the predictions proposed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature should be considered.

Key words: home range, Cerrado, radio-tracking Tamandua tetradactyla, translocation.

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