Vol 21, No 1 (2020)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ivan Domingues 1-4


Technoscience and the dereification of nature PDF
Andrew Feenberg 5-13
The many kinds of objects that technoscientific objects are PDF
Hugh Lacey 14-23
Standards as artefacts PDF (Español)
Diego Lawler 24-35
New biotechnologies and the anthropological issue: philosophical aspects PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ivan Domingues 36-46
Ethics of technology: On the morality of technical artifacts PDF (Español)
Ronald Durán 47-55
Hans Jonas and the empirical turn of the philosophy of technology: notes on a dialogue with post-phenomenology PDF (Português (Brasil))
Helder Buenos Aires de Carvalho 56-71
Nihilism and technology PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jelson Roberto de Oliveira 72-78
Remarks on the technical mentality: the pedagogical intention and the emphasis on action in Gilbert Simondon’s philosophy of technics PDF (Português (Brasil))
Diego Viana 79-94
Ethics and technique: outline of a Heideggerian critique of Jonasian ethics PDF (Português (Brasil))
Angela Luzia Miranda 95-105
A philosophical analysis of the technological function PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gilmar Evandro Szczepanik 106-113
The question of technique in Jürgen Habermas’ thought: elements for a theoretical, conceptual and referential framework PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maurício Fernandes 114-123

Book reviews

Between reason and experience PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gilmar Evandro Szczepanik 124-126

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