A philosophical analysis of the technological function





The text aims to philosophically analyse some of the main problems related to the technological function. To achieve this purpose, we first try to characterize technical objects from their dual nature, that is, from their structural and functional aspects. Then, in the second moment, we reconstruct the main difficulties faced by scholars who try to understand the technological function by making a comparison with the biological function. Among the main difficulties encountered is the problem of demarcation between the technical function and the technological function, as there are arguments in favour of a rigid demarcation, but also positions that propose a thinner demarcation criterion or even postures that defend the impossibility of such separation. In addition to the problem of demarcation, there are other open questions such as the problem of intentionality, malfunction and function itself. In short, the text directs the philosophical view to the problem of the function of artefacts, devices and technical systems.

Keywords: function, technology, biology.

Author Biography

Gilmar Evandro Szczepanik, Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste (Unicentro/PR)

Professor Adjunto do Departamento de Filosofia da Unicentro.