Operações de fornecimento, produção e distribuição em uma cadeia de suprimentos do setor agro-alimentar

Darci Luiz Kuiawinski, Gilberto Barbosa da Luz, Valdecir José Zonin, Miguel Afonso Sellitto


This paper describes and analyses critically some of the main operations in a supply chain (SC) that operates in the food industry, as an agribusiness fashion. The research method was the single case study. The contribution of the paper is the report of a case in which typical SC management techniques were observed in a food production system. The paper reviews the supply chain management (SCM) and the main business operations in SC. The research method was explained and justified. The report was divided in three kinds of operations: supply, production and distribution of goods. Along the report, it is pointed out weaknesses and some criticism was made to managerial issues observed in the supply chain.

Key words: supply chain, supply chain management, logistic operations in agribusiness.

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