Motivations and Future Perspectives of Startups Entrepreneurs

Roberto Ferreira Lopes Filho, Luis Eduardo Brandão Paiva, Tereza Cristina Batista de Lima


This research aims to investigate the motivations and future perspectives of Startups entrepreneurs. The study model considers: previous history and initial expectations for motivations in the idealization of a Startup project; aspects that may facilitate and/or hinder business, as well as personal transformation in the development of these businesses; and the aspects that can lead the entrepreneurs to the persistence or withdrawal of the entrepreneurial practice, next to the future perspectives. This research is guided by its descriptive, qualitative approach, conducted through interviews with 12 Startups entrepreneurs, using content analysis. The results pointed out that the motivation of Startups entrepreneurs started from the observation of opportunities, influence of social groups and initiatives of the college. There was an influence of innovation and independence as facilitators of these enterprises; and the acceptance of the product, the scarcity of resources, the formation of a work team, the high tax burden and immaturity as aspects that hinder the development of Startups. Financial failure also influenced changes in the goals of these entrepreneurs. It is hoped, therefore, that this research contributes to the expansion of scientific knowledge about the motivations and future perspectives of the entrepreneurs of Startups, a group still little studied in the Applied Social Sciences.


Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Motivation; Startups.

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