Measuring organizational social capital in brazilian wine industry networks


  • Denise Genari Univesidade de Caxias do Sul
  • Janaína Macke Universidade de Caxias do Sul
  • Kadígia Faccin Univesidade de Caxias do Sul


Capital Social, Organizações em Rede, Indústria Vitivinícola.


The concept of organizational social capital is related to the creation of competitive advantages for companies based on the assumption that economic variables are not enough for social development and a sustainable environment. Furthermore, in the intra-organizational context social capital is considered as a tool that can leverage business performance through social interactions and relationships at the individual, group and organizational levels. Thus, the existence of social capital can bring benefits to the organization, such as the ease of knowledge dissemination and a trustful and cooperative environment through common references and shared goals among members of the company. The main goal of this study is to assess how social capital is expressed in the context of organizations in networks, using a sample of wineproducing companies that are located in the Vinhedos Valley (southern Brazil) and are members of the APROVALE and APROBELO networks. For this purpose, we performed a descriptive and quantitative survey, using self-administered questionnaires for data collection, as well as statistical techniques such as factor analysis, descriptive analysis and analysis of variance. The main results show the existence of high levels of social capital, especially regarding the relational and cognitive dimensions. Furthermore, the variables associated with workplace relations (relational dimension) are significant in the research context, especially as far as the meaning of work for the respondents is concerned.

Key words: social capital, network organizations, Brazilian wine industry.

Author Biographies

Denise Genari, Univesidade de Caxias do Sul

Mestrado em Administração da Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS) (2010). Possui MBA em Gestão de Pessoas pela Universidade do Vale dos Sinos (2007), graduação em Administração com habilitação em recursos humanos pela Faculdade Cenecista de Bento Gonçalves (2004). Atualmente é professora da Faculdade Cenecista de Bento Gonçalves e analista de recursos humanos na empresa Bertolini SA.

Janaína Macke, Universidade de Caxias do Sul

Doctor in Business Administration. Joined Caxias do Sul University in March 2004 and since then has been developing research outputs in the domains of social capital, corporative social responsibility and collaborative networks. Principal researcher of Organizational Social Theory Group.

Kadígia Faccin, Univesidade de Caxias do Sul

Possui graduação em Ciências Econômicas pela Universidade de Caxias do Sul (2007). Mestre em Administração pela mesma universidade. Atua como gerente assistente de negócios - Banco Bradesco S/A. Professora da Faculdade de Tecnologia - FTEC Brasil. Tem experiência na área de Economia, com ênfase em Economia Monetária. Atuando principalmente nos seguintes temas de pesquisa: capital humano, capital social, redes colaborativas, competitividade e desenvolvimento regional.