The dynamics of the innovation process and the forms of organization between companies: an analysis on the basis of the contributions of Gaffard, Foray, Amendola and Bruno


  • Leonel Mazzali


The paper discusses and analyzes the approach of a group of French (Gaffar and Foray) and Italian (Amendola e Bruno) authors who – on the basis of an original view of innovation and its management process – emphasize forms of organization and cooperation between companies as essential tools for making it feasible to create new production opportunities. The relationships between companies emerge as a peculiar form of resource used to increase the freedom and flexibility in the innovation process. The article is a theory review that establishes that the cooperation and commitment between production agents in a common project are decisive for the feasibility of the process. Thus the forms of organization between companies are the privileged locus of the structuring of the activities associated to the creation of resources and new opportunities.

Key words: innovation, cooperation between companies, flexibility, network organization.