Identification of the professional profile required by organizations in job offer ads in the metropolitan area of the city of São Paulo, Brazil


  • Ivam Ricardo Peleias
  • Paulo Cézar Guimarães
  • Dirceu da Silva
  • Martinho Maurício Gomes de Ornelas


The aim of this work is to identify and analyze the professional profile required by the labor market for accounting professionals in the city of São Paulo as shown in job offer ads in popular Brazilian newspapers. The results are part of a research project supported by a Brazilian research agency, FAPESP. The researchers created a tool to tabulate ads published in the newspapers O Estado de São Paulo, Folha de S. Paulo and Gazeta Mercantil from March 2004 to June 2005, concerning three hierarchical levels and eight knowledge groups. To treat the data, they used the chi-square test to check the hypothesis, as well as Exploratory Analysis and Descriptive Statistics. The results confirm the hypothesis that the job offer ads can be used to identify and distingish the professional profiles for various hierarchical levels. Within the knowledge groups, the professional experience for the three levels plays an outstanding role. It was found that eclectic accounting professionals are much more required than accounting technicians. Moreover, 36,3% of the ads did not contain professional demands or expectations. The results can be used by accounting professionals, students, universities and accounting institutions, suggesting the need for additional studies on the topic.

Key words: accountants, labor market, accounting, job offers, continued education.