The EXPERF scale and entry strategies: an assessment for export performance in brazilian companies


  • Ivan Lapuente Garrido
  • Luciana Marques Vieira
  • Luiz Antônio Slongo
  • Fabiano Larentis


This study aims to test the EXPERF scale measure developed by Zou et al. (1998) as a tool to assess Brazilian companies export performance. It contributes to the theoretical discussion regarding the difficulties on assessing international performance as well as the impact of different forms of measuring performance on internationalization studies. The study presents results of a survey carried out on 219 Brazilian export companies. The sample went through an internal validation using structural equation modeling and, as external validation process, it compares performances among strategic groups of companies. Main findings show that the EXPERF scale is a reliable alternative to assess international performance in the studied companies. The scale is also able to enclose a diversity of sectors, sizes and modes of entry.

Key words: performance, entry modes, entry strategies, internationalization.