Hospital Management Maturity Models: Literature Review


  • Luciano Trentin Universidade Regional de Blumenau – FURB
  • Gérson Tontini Universidade Regional de Blumenau – FURB



Maturity Model, Hospital Management, Literature Review


Previous researches show that hospital organizations have initiated improvement programs and invested considerably in the orientation and management of processes, using maturity models to improve structures and learning. In this context, the objective of the present paper is to analyze previous researches related to hospital management maturity models, using the Morton (1994) organizational dimensions' analysis model, adapted for hospital organizations. The Web of Science, Scopus, Spell, Scielo and BDTD platforms were used for this study. We screened 305 identified papers, published from January 2005 till December 2019, using search descriptors: “Maturity Model” and “Hospital management". We identified Forty-one articles as eligible for information extraction and analysis. The surveys are classified into five organizational dimensions: Strategy, Structure, Decision Making, Technology, and People. We found a predominance of the technology management dimension in 25 studies, based on the organizational dimensions. The research is essentially related to information systems, supply management and quality management. Although there are different models of hospital management maturity, it was found that the models developed for hospital organizations are mostly related to their technical / operational areas, but in a fragmented way. The present study contributes to a comprehensive literature review of hospital maturity and management models.