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Call for papers: "Strategic Design Research Journal #10!"

Editors: Carlo Franzato and Filipe Campelo 

Full Paper Due: September 30th, 2016

Strategic Design Research Journal celebrates its 10th volume!

We would like to celebrate this important event for the Unisinos Design Graduate Program and the strategic design research community in general, with a special issue to present the more relevant contemporary production on this subject.

In our program, we study strategic design from an ecosystemic perspective with a special focus on its organizational potentials, i.e., focusing on the strategies elaborated via design to orient the design action itself and, above all, the organizational action towards innovation and sustainability. These strategies emerge and unfold throughout the multiple processes that occur in the creative ecosystem, that is, in the organizational milieu, the market, the society and the environment. This way, such process evolves within the many relations woven through the design action. Consequently, strategic design considers the dynamics of this evolving network even before the ones that characterizes the development of new products, services or product-service systems.

The designer becomes the main actor of a wide network that contributes directly or indirectly for the development of organizational strategies, including human actors (employees, users, citizens, etc.), private and public organizational stakeholders and other actants (devices and other artefacts, technologies, processes, etc.). Designers’ technical competencies become a metadesign platform that supports the convergence of actors and actants in their processes of codesigning and, more broadly, cocreating, thus allowing the elaboration, the practice and the evolution of the organizational practice.

This way, strategic design is action. Through action, strategic design deals with the instability of the ecosystem in constant evolution. In this direction, strategic design reads and interprets the ecosystem, besides envisioning alternative scenarios for our society, since these operations allow considering the regular and the evident, the possible as well as the deviation and the unpredictable, the chance and the error.

This vision proposes that strategic design transcends singular goods and configures form, function, value and meaning of an organization’s offering towards market and society. Thus, the resulting outputs and outcomes are critically interpreted for the innovation they produce and their sustainability. In short, the proposed vision stresses that the most significant effect of strategic design is the organization and the continuous reorganization of the ecosystemic relations and processes of companies, NGOs, public administration, informal associations, etc.

This vision raises critical questions for the evolution of design that we invite you to consider for this special issue:

  • In the multiple, very dense relations within the ecosystem, is it possible to frame the design activity within the limit of an organization?
  • In the interdisciplinary or even cross-disciplinary scenario, which is the relation between design and other disciplines? How can we identify and study the design contribution in the creative ecosystem?
  • Considering the convergence of many actors within the codesign and cocreation processes, does the relation between production and consumption systems change?
  • How does the relation between design and innovation change?
  • How does the design method evolve? Which are its principles, practices and tools?
  • Which are the actors and the actants involved in the design process? How do they interact? How does the designer interact with them?
  • How do the designer’s organizational and social role evolve?
  • Which are the differences of practicing design in companies, NGOs, public administration or informal associations?
  • Which are the relations between strategic design and other approaches of design area?



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Please note: 

1. The call for paper is closed.

2. We have received many papers for this special number. The review process is still proceeding. Thus, we are going to publish the related number as the 3rd issue of the 10th volume.



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