New records and notes on defensive behavior of Thamnodynastes rutilus (Prado 1942)

Jhonny José Magalhães Guedes, Clodoaldo Lopes de Assis, Douglas Henrique da Silva, Renato Neves Feio


Snakes of the genus Thamnodynastes Wagler 1830 are viviparous, opisthoglyphous and have elliptical vertical pupil. Among all of the 11 species that occur in Brazil, T. rutilus is easily diagnosed by having a reddish spot in the sixth infralabial. Information about biology, ecology, distribution and behavior of T. rutilus is very scarce in the literature. Such lack of information leads to poor species management and difficulty for taking conservation measures when needed. Thus, this study brought new insights about T. rutilus geographical distribution, amplifying its previously known occurrence area, as well as providing new data about the species natural defensive behavior.

Keywords: Squamata, Tachymenini tribe, snakes, conservation, Minas Gerais.

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