Plantago trinitatis Rahn (Plantaginaceae): New sites of occurrence and altitudinal variation at Trindade Island, Brazil

Fabiane Fisch, Dagoberto Port


Plantago trinitatis, endemic plant of Trindade Island, a small oceanic island (9.28 km2) apart about 1,140 km from the coast of the city of Vitória (Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil), until now had only been located on the island at altitudes greater than 500 meters, in a dry environment and rocky soil. In April 2013, we observed several individuals of the species at altitudes varying from 80 to 240 meters, along a small watercourse in the northeast portion of the island. This record, in addition to confirming the occurrence of the species at lower altitudes than 500 meters, also confirms the recovery of the species, which, until 1998, was considered extinct.

Keywords: endemism, oceanic island, Plantaginaceae, altitudinal variation.

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