Preparation for university teaching: a study of the training sources

Raíssa Silveira de Farias, Lívia Maria Lopes Stanzani, João Paulo Resende de Lima, Adriana Maria Procópio de Araujo


The aim/goal of this study is to analyze how the teachers with a degree in accounting perceive the possible training sources for the teaching profession. The sample was composed by 422 questionnaires answered by teachers, masters or PhD in accounting. The data were collected from a survey, using a questionnaire composed by 18 questions, which were answered based on a five points likert scale. The data analysis was carried out in a descriptive way and through the application of factorial analysis. The results suggest that individual faculty is the training source that contributes the most to the development of teacher training. In addition, the tests grouped the analyzed competencies in three factors regarding the possible training sources: Graduate Programs, Higher Education Institution (HEI) and individual faculty. It was concluded that the insufficient didactic-pedagogical preparation for the teaching exercise, inferred by some studies, does not impair the recognition of Postgraduate Programs, HEI and individual faculty as training sources for the teaching profession. Thus, this study contributes to the literature by ratifying the presence of the three training sources analyzed, identifying the relevance of each of them to teacher training in Brazil. It is also important to highlight the potential for expansion in the formation actions of higher education institutions, mainly because they are a space rich in opportunities for the development of the teaching profession, since this was considered the formative space that least contributes to the development of their training.


Training sources; Teaching; Higher education


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