Convergence analysis between federal and state agendas for the promotion of science, technology and innovation (STI): a study focused on ICT sector priorities in the State of Santa Catarina – Brazil

Micheline Gaia Hoffmann, Denilson Sell, Dannyela da Cunha Lemos


This article aims to analyze the convergence between the evolution of federal investments in science, technology and innovation (STI) in Brazil as of 2002 and the agenda of the industry of the state of Santa Catarina for the ICT sector until 2022. Data were taken from the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT) and the Industrial Development Plan of Santa Catarina (PDIC), specifically in the ICT sector. Combined practices of information technology and knowledge engineering were employed for the analysis. The study showed a mismatch between the federal and state agendas. Only a portion of the demands of the state were contemplated in the projects financed during the period of this study. There is therefore, a need to mature the institutional structure through mechanisms that allow different spheres to connect. The results show that approximately half of the resources are allocated directly to companies and half to higher education institutions, organizations of ICT and foundations. On one hand, these results suggest a balance between research that emphasizes the scientific and technological relevance and alignment with the principles of the systemic model of innovation. On the other hand, it reiterates the relevance of studies dedicated to investigating the process of university-company interactions in Brazil. Implications of findings on national STI policies are included in this study.


Science; Technology and Innovation; Science and Technology Policies; Innovation Policies.

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