Personality Traits as Background to Individual Coopetition among Business Postgraduate Students

Joice Denise Schäfer, Daiane Antonini Bortoluzzi, Rogério João Lunkes


Human aspects are at the center of the relational process between organizations. Thus, this study aims to analyze, based on the HEXACO model of personality traits, which characteristics of business individuals influence coopetition. The research is characterized as descriptive, with quantitative approach. The research data were obtained by applying a questionnaire to the stricto sensu postgraduate students of the business area (business, accounting and economics courses) of Brazilian Federal Universities. A total of 170 students returned the questionnaire with valid answers. Through the results, it was found that only the personality trait called conscientiousness, which includes characteristics such as organization and discipline, seems to be related to coopetition. Thus, individuals with this characteristic tend to perform well activities that comprise cooperation and competition simultaneously. On the other hand, extroverts tend to prioritize cooperation over competition, which can bring negative results to units or companies in coopetitive relationships.


Coopetition; Personality traits; HEXACO.

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